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Heroes of Faith: Joseph – Earthly Father-figure of Jesus




We talk a lot about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, but we do not talk a lot about Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father.


Joseph was a man of strong beliefs. We know that he not only tried to do the right thing, but he also tried to do the right thing in the right way.


When he learned about Mary’s pregnancy, Joseph knew that child was not his. I suspect that his respect for Mary’s character, the explanation she gave him, as well as her attitude towards the expected child, must have made it hard for Joseph to think that his bride did something wrong. Still, someone else was the child’s father – and it had to be mind-boggling that this “someone else” was God.


At first Joseph decided that he wanted to break off the engagement, but was determined to do it in such a way that it would not cause public shame and embarrassment to Mary. He intended to act with justice and love.


At this point, God sent a messenger to Joseph to confirm Mary’s story and open another venue of obedience and service for Joseph – to take Mary as his wife. Joseph obeyed God, married Mary, and honored her virginity until Jesus was born.


Because of his knowledge of God’s word, Joseph recognized God’s messenger and God’s presence when the message was delivered to him and Joseph was willing to respond to that invitation with the way he lived his life.


We do not know how long Joseph lived his role as Jesus’ earthly father figure; the last time he is mentioned is when Jesus was 12 years old. We know, however, that Joseph trained Jesus in the trade of carpentry, made sure that Jesus was well educated and took the whole family on the yearly pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the Passover, which Jesus continued to observe throughout his earthly life.


Major lessons that we can take from Joseph’s life:

  • God honors integrity.

  • Social position is of little importance when God chooses to use us.

  • Being obedient to God’s guidance, leads to more guidance from God.

  • Feelings are not always accurate measures of what is right or wrong or how we should act in certain situations.


Joseph’s story is told in Matthew 1:16 – 2:23 and Luke 1:26-2:52

{This article is based on information from the Life Application Bible, p 1641, article about Joseph}

{Here is a link to a sermon about Joseph that I preached in December 2012}

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