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Thinking Towards Sunday; August 13, 2017

Scriptures for this Sunday: Luke 5:1-3

You can read these Scriptures here: {NIV2010 and ESV}


Call To Worship 8/13/2017

Where forgiveness is needed,
forgive our sins, as we forgive others.

Where grace is yearned for,
may we know grace upon grace, and show the same to one another.

Where mercy is required,
may Christ’s mercy flow through us, that others may find mercy in us.

Where unity is threatened,
may your Spirit strengthen us to be people of unity and love.

Opening Prayer 8/13/2017

Loving and Gracious God!

We gather to offer you praise and thanksgiving for your unfailing love and faithfulness, shown in the example of your Son, Jesus Christ.

Grant us grace to worship you in spirit and in truth. Through the power of your Holy Spirit, open our eyes to recognize you here among us. Give us courage to step out in faith to meet you, and confidence to follow where you lead.

For you are our God, and we are your people, called by your name.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


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