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Thinking Towards Sunday; Mothers’ Day 2017; May 14, 2017

Scriptures for this Sunday: Matthew 15:21-28. You can read this Scripture here: {Click ME}

For our music coordinator: We will sing special hymns written specifically for Mothers’ Day. I will make sure that you have a printout of the liturgy by tomorrow with hymn lyrics and melodies. Selah. Winking smile

Call to Worship

Loving and Gracious God!
You have created this world with love and care.
You set in motion processes that nourish our planet, give us resources for sustenance, survival, and fulfilling lives. You fill our souls with joy and gladness.

Nurturing God! We thank you for your love for us from the beginning of time.
You formed us and knew us when we were in our mother’s wombs, you knit us together lovingly, your devotion to us has not failed, your care is with us every day of our lives.

You gave us the gift of life that began with you and was nourished first by our biological mothers and other women who mothered us on our lives’ journeys.
As we honor their influence on our lives, we recognize the extent of their efforts, and we give you thanks for all that they are and what they mean to us.


Opening Prayer

Nurturing and Loving God! We saw our first glimpse of your love for us in the love of our mothers.

Today our country celebrates Mother’s Day. We thank you for the mothers who carried us in their wombs, nourishing, protecting, and bringing us into the world. We thank you for the women who did not give birth to us, yet loved and nurtured us just the same.

With gratitude we remember their words of encouragement when we have felt unsure or afraid; we thank you for their kindness, comfort and gentleness when the world has treated us harshly; we thank you for the protection they offered us at times of danger; we thank you for the times when they corrected us and helped us to regain our footing, rather than letting us continue down wrong paths.

May our actions reflect their involvement, nurture and presence in our lives.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


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