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In Memory of Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard; a letter to the community of Kingswood United Methodist Church

On Wednesday, April 26, 2017, police officer Stephen J. Ballard, 32, was fatally shot in Bear, DE after approaching a vehicle in the parking lot of a local convenience store. We do not know what caught his attention or raised his suspicions. All we know is that his life was cut short in its prime, that one suspect has been caught, and as I write this, there is a standoff between police and a second suspect.

Because of my office as a pastor, I am privileged to spend time with people, to hear their stories, and to share in their celebrations as well as in their grief.

As our community comes to terms with the shooting of Cpl. Ballard, I am mindful of the impact the death of a law enforcement officer has on both their family and the community. His life – full of potential, promise, hope and courage – was taken suddenly, leaving an empty space filled with disbelief, anger, and pain.

Most law enforcement officers who die in the line of duty leave behind families and children. Long after all of us have moved on, the family, the spouse of the slain officer and their children continue to live and deal with the memories of loss and brokenness resulting from the shooting. Please pray for the extended family, wife, and children of the slain officer.

I hope that all of us in the community of Kingswood United Methodist Church will take time to reflect on and to acknowledge the dedication of those who protect us (our policemen, our firemen, and our EMTs,) and to honor them with our prayers and actions. Let us acknowledge their very special calling with appreciation and respect.

May the memory of our fallen policemen live on in our hearts.

May God bless and protect those who are called to work in public safety (our policemen, our firemen, and our EMTs).




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