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Thinking Towards Sunday; June 14, 2015

All of us have a tendency to confuse being busy with being productive. We also have difficulty differentiating between what is popular and what is effective.

A church family is called to be productive by making disciples for Jesus for the transformation of the world. We are also called to find a balance between being effective and being popular. Any leader knows that he or she will have to make unpopular decisions in order to be effective. On the other hand, without developing some sort of “popularity,” being “effective” is an unattainable dream.

A sanctuary full of passive Christians looks impressive. On the other hand, a sanctuary filled with a couple dozen dedicated, spiritually grounded disciples with a clear vision and understanding of their mission may look empty. Each of these churches will have a different impact on the world in which they live.

It is much easier to lead a community that is passive than empowering others to be in ministry. I think that this is the major reason why so many churches have to deal with numeric decline. Making disciples for Jesus for the transformation of the world is dependent on all of us (clergy and laity) to be passionately engaged with God and with each other in order to have an effective ministry in the communities around our church buildings.

Traditionally we tend to think of pastoral leaders in terms of shepherds. I am not very comfortable with this metaphor because no matter how effective a shepherd is, it is impossible for a sheep to become a shepherd.

I think a much better metaphor to apply to our pastors would be that of a coach or a mentor. An effective mentor trains his disciples to lead and to help others. I am a pastor today because somebody took time in the past to recognize my spiritual gifts and to nurture me in the process of transformation from an engineer to a pastor.


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