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Thinking Towards Sunday; Mother’s Day 2015

Each of us has a unique and complicated relationship with our mothers.

In the USAmerica, those whose moms are still alive spend Mother’s Day bestowing flowers, gifts and heartfelt sentiments upon their moms. Those who have lost their moms reflect on what they miss and on the effect that their moms had on the direction of their lives.

Truth be told, each of our relationships with our moms is probably the most significant in our lives; after all she was the first person all of us met just seconds after we were born! Each of our relationships with our moms is different. Because our mothers are human, not all of them are perfect; because all of us are human, we make motherhood challenging. That is why Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to reflect on our personal relationships with our moms, the role they play in our lives, and to recognize and honor their contribution to what we have become.

In a perfect world, our moms make sure to be around and available to their children. There are countless recitals, and soccer games, parties, field trips as well as the unplanned, spontaneous moments. All those planned and unplanned moments strung together throughout our childhood built up our confidence and understanding of self-worth as well as defined our path and trajectory for the future.

So this Sunday whether you are celebrating mother’s day with your mom or with your children, or reflecting on memories of days gone by, I encourage you to reflect on what it means to be a mom and how our moms make this world a better place.

I wish you all happy and blessed Mother’s Day!

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