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Looking Forward to Holy Week

Holy Week is the week immediately preceding Easter Sunday.  During this time, many Christian communities remember and meditate on the suffering and death of Jesus (the Passion of the Christ) by fasting, praying, holding various observances and special worship services.

Special services during Holy Week call us to remember that the Easter Story consists not only of the jubilant celebrations of Palm and Easter Sundays, but also includes the agony, suffering, humiliation, and death of Jesus on the Cross. Special services during Holy Week challenge us to remember that the promise of renewal and hope in the Resurrection are set against the backdrop of suffering and death. The special services during Holy Week help us to understand that Resurrection without Suffering would be meaningless, and that the Grace and Love that we freely receive from God has a heavy price paid by Jesus.

As we travel through the shadows and darkness of Holy Week, as we struggle with the implications of our sinful nature and its consequences, we come to grow in our understanding of God’s Love and Grace for us and build our hope of renewal and eternal life in the redemptive suffering of Jesus.

While thinking about the events of Holy Week, my hope is that we will be reminded that our new beginnings come from old endings. I also hope that many of us will be able to better understand our own lives and faith journeys.

The services during Holy Week are a powerful proclamation of the transformative power of Jesus and God’s presence in our lives. Following is a list of our Holy Week Services. Please join us.

  • Holy Thursday Service at First UMC on April 2 @ 7pm.

  • Good Friday Service at Potter’s House on April 3, @ 7pm. Bishop Tilghman, Pastor Asher and Pastor Tonya will participate in the “Last Seven Words” Service.

  • Sunrise Easter Service @ Wilmer Park @ 6:15am. Breakfast at FUMC immediately following service. Bishop Tilghman will preach.

  • Easter Service at Worton UMC at 8:45 followed by worship at Christ UMC at 10am.

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