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From the Desk Of Pastor Asher… Reflection of the Last Page of the Bulletin

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the seven day period that we refer to as “Holy Week.” On Palm Sunday we have a choice to remember Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem or recall His suffering for the redemption of our sins. The theological word for Jesus’ suffering during the last week of his life is the “Passion of the Christ.” Hence, the official name for this Sunday is Palm / Passion Sunday.

When I think of the events of the last week in the life and ministry of Jesus, I am awed by his empathy, understanding, love and compassion for every one of us. Terrible things happened to Jesus during the last days of his life. He was humiliated, mistreated, suffered extreme emotional and physical abuse and ultimately died on the Cross. What makes this terrible week “holy” is that God understood our human condition, and Jesus loves each one of us so much that he was willing to sacrifice himself for us.

Our Christian identity is rooted in the events of the Holy Week. Our continual spiritual transformation and growth in closeness with God is rooted in the events of the Holy Week. That is why it is so important for us to understand what happened during that week 2,000 years ago and why.

I found that every time I think about and meditate on what happened in the Upper Room, or in the Garden of Gethsemane, or before Pontius Pilate or on the mount of Crucifixion and imagine myself being there, I discover new insights about myself and my identity in Christ. To give an example, I wonder what was going through Jesus’ mind as he heard the crowd crying out for his crucifixion? What happened to nudge Pilot’s wife to ask her husband to spare Jesus’ life?

I have no doubt in my mind that God wants all of us to live gracious, productive, and abundant lives. All of us are created with a space in our heart and soul that only God can fill, if we are willing take the risk to let God in. Holy Week is a time to remember how Jesus entered into Jerusalem, His actions to redeem us, and to contemplate the fact that with the events of the First Easter, Jesus not only redeemed our past but also entered into our future. Are you ready to give your life and heart to God this Easter Season?

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