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Joint Communication from Pastor Tonya McClain and Pastor Asher Tunik, to the communities of First United Methodist Church, Christ United Methodist Church and Worton United Methodist Church.

As previously communicated, today (March 9, 2015) there was a meeting held at Christ United Methodist Church with Pastor Gary Moore, our District Superintendent.   The following were in attendance at this meeting:

  • Pastor Tonya

  • Pastor Asher

  • SPPRC members from both churches

  • Chairs of Finance from both churches

  • Treasurers from both churches

  • Members of the committee working on the path forward to bring both church bodies together in mission. 

It is Bishop Johnson’s desire to create a circuit between Christ and First United Methodist Churches, to be served by one residential full time pastor, beginning July 1, 2015.  Meeting attendees overwhelmingly supported Bishop Johnson’s desire for a single pastor to serve both churches.  

This means that effective July 1, 2015, there will be a new pastor serving both churches as a circuit, and Pastor Tonya and Pastor Asher will be reappointed elsewhere in the Peninsula-Delaware Conference.

This decision also affects Worton United Methodist Church, which is currently served by Pastor Asher.  Earlier today Pastor Gary Moore met with the SPPRC, Chair of Finance and Treasurer from Worton UMC, and communicated that there will also be a new appointment to Worton UMC effective July 1st


Pastor Tonya McClain and Pastor Asher Tunik


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