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Thinking Towards Sunday; January 18, 2015

On January 18 at 8:45 am, we will gather for our regular Sunday worship in Worton United Methodist Church.

Scriptures for Sunday are: Ephesians 2:1-10. You can read these Scriptures here: {CLICK ME}

Hymns for Worton UMC are:

UMH 451 – Be Thou My Vision

UMH 57 – O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing (verse 15, printed on page 58)

UMH 111 – How Can We Name a Love

On January 18 at 10 am, Ms. Boe Harris-Nakakakena, (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) and Ms. Ragghi Rain Calentine (Eastern Cherokee descent) Representatives from Pen-Del Commission on Native American Ministries will do a special presentation during the worship at Christ United Methodist Church. The two cultural educators promote, social justice, health, cultural awareness, and inclusiveness through traditional music, storytelling, and dance.

Ms. Boe Harris-Nakakakena is a Northern Traditional and Jingle Dress dancer who plays Native American flute. She has performed throughout the country, at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and at numerous NATO military bases throughout Europe.  “As a granddaughter of strong Indian women, my heart and spirit know no other journey than to follow the traditions that flowed through the souls, spirits, and lives of those women who walked before me” (Harris-Nakakakena).

Ms. Ragghi Rain Calentine is a gifted storyteller who teach and inspire “people who are on the edge of life, including those in prison, children in crisis, and others.” Her work is aimed at helping individuals break the cycle of unhealthy decision-making that puts them and their families at risk.

Both ladies are actively engaged in community development with the Nanticoke Indian Association of Southern Delaware and travel throughout the country providing workshops, training, and retreats.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND INVITE 1,000 of your closest friends and relatives to this event.  YOU WILL BE BLESSED by the ministry of Boe and Ragghi.

On a personal note I want to add that Boe and Ragghi were my mentors and taught several educational events on my spiritual journey and I will always be grateful for their ministry and mentoring.

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