Zis-N-Zat From Pastor Asher

God is my conscience, Jesus lives in my heart… this blog is about what I see, what I think, what I do and how I serve God

Working Toward Sunday

This week I will be at the Youth Rally in Ocean City.

At Worton UMC, Krystal T. will deliver the message

Scriptures for Worton UMC: Psalm 103

Hymns for Worton UMC:

UMH 117 – O God, Our Help in Ages Past

UMH 131 – We Gather Together  verse 3

UMH 98 – To God Be the Glory

At Christ UMC we will have a dramatic presentation of the Woman at the Well Story. I guarantee that everybody who sees it will be moved.

Scriptures for Christ UMC:  John 4:5-10

Hymns for Christ UMC:

UMH 378 – Amazing Grace

UMH 369 – Blessed Assurance verse 1

UMH 568 – Christ For The World We Sing


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