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Approximate Notes for Christmas Eve Reflection

Pentatonix: Mary Did You Know?

Mary, did you know?

Mary knew that her baby was not an ordinary child. Mary lived through the events of the last year or so and she remembered Angel Gabriel talking to her, she remembered the anxiety and uncertainty of not knowing whether Joseph will marry her and what will happen to her and the baby that was on the way.

And that evening she held a baby boy and looking into his eyes she knew that she was looking straight into the eyes of God.

Jesus was born into a world plagued not only by the darkness of individual pain and sin, but also by the darkness of systemic oppression. Jesus’ own people, the Hebrews, were brutally oppressed, their customs and traditions demeaned, their very existence threatened. Jesus was born into the world where the darkness of long-standing oppression had extinguished any hope for the future and made daily survival an ordeal.

Just a few weeks after Jesus’ birth, King Herod ordered to kill all the male children younger than two years of age around Bethlehem (that story is found in Matthew 2:13-18). Jesus was born into the world of mothers weeping and mourning for their lost sons, mothers whose pain was real, raw and deep (Matthew 2:17-18, Jeremiah 31:15).

It was into this world that Jesus was born.

Isn’t it just like Jesus to show up not when we are putting our best foot forward, but when things are a mess and we don’t know how to proceed and all we can think about is survival. Isn’t it just like our God to reach out to us when we are desperate, scared, frustrated and at our wits ends and remind us that when we are with God all things are possible.

Jesus was born because God made a choice to meet us where we are. Jesus was born to show us that there is another way. Jesus was born so that we have an example to follow, an example of how we can be a community and how we can recognize the Holy around us when we all pull together.

That is why there was stillness in the night. That is why there were angels singing. That is why the Shepherds were inspired to trek to town in the middle of the night to see the Holy Family and the new born baby. That was the night when God came to dwell among us.

We know the rest of the story. We know that the story does not end there. For the time being, as we strive to live out our faith and devotion to God, we can share and rejoice in the hope, peace, and joy as a part of a loving community of sisters and brothers that we call church.

Merry Christmas!


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