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Liturgy of re-commissioning of the Fellowship Hall Bell; liturgy or re-commissioning of an object after repair or restoration to God’s service

Loving and Gracious God!

With gratitude and joy we remember men and women who served you and gathered for worship in this church in the past. They prayed, studied Scriptures, worshiped, worked and fellowshipped together. They heard the sounds of this bell.

Today we pray for ourselves and for those Christians who will gather to pray, to study Scriptures, to worship, to work and to fellowship together in the future. We pray that the sounds of this bell will be a blessing to them as it is for us.

In the name of the Father who understood and forgave us, in the name of the Son who redeemed us on the Cross and in the name of the Holy Spirit who molds and guides our lives, we re-commission this bell to God’s service and glory.

The community of Christ United Methodist Church will continue to hold this bell as a sacred trust and will guard and use it to God’s service.



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