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Liturgy of Dedication and Commissioning of the New Carpet; Liturgy of Dedication and Commissioning of an object to God’s Service

Loving and Gracious God!

With gratitude and joy we remember the men and women who served you and gathered for worship in this church in the past. They prayed, studied Scriptures, worshiped, worked, laughed, grieved and fellowshipped together. They walked on this floor covered by the old carpet, and they grew in grace and wisdom. Many of them are a part of the Church Triumphant, some of them are still on this side of eternity. For all of their efforts and for everything that they mean to us we give you glory and honor.

Today we pray for ourselves and for those Christians who will follow us and gather to pray, to study Scriptures, to worship, to work, to laugh, to grieve and to fellowship together in the future. We pray that the use of this carpet will help them to serve you, to further your kingdom, to make disciples and be your church in the world that you created and gifted to humankind.

We thank you for the men and women who worked tirelessly to raise money to pay for this carpet, who worked tirelessly and diligently to make decisions and work out the logistics of installation, and who installed this carpet.

May all their efforts be pleasing in your eyes and like a pleasant aroma in your nostrils.

In the name of the Father who understood and forgave us, in the name of the Son who redeemed us on the Cross and in the name of the Holy Spirit who molds and guides our lives we dedicate this carpet to God’s service and glory.

The community of Christ United Methodist Church accepts this carpet as a sacred trust and will care for it, guard und use it reverently to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and further God’s Kingdom.



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