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God is my conscience, Jesus lives in my heart… this blog is about what I see, what I think, what I do and how I serve God

Reflection for the Back of the Bulletin; September 14, 2014


I love the Church.

In our popular culture its become commonplace to point a finger of righteous indignation at everything that is wrong with the church. Every organization has problems and the Church Universal (as well as individual church communities) is not an exception. That being understood, there is also much that is right with the Church because the Church is chosen by God to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

I love the people of the Church and the mission of the Church. I cannot imagine my life without Church.

Being a church community is about serving God by serving the world in which we live. Being a church community is about serving God by demonstrating our faith through our actions, and being a family of God and friends to each other. Being a church means being a community that helps us to stay in love with God and be the best version of what God created us to be.

Being a church is about sharing our lives’ journeys with compassion, in a context of a community while bringing hope to those around us. Being a church community means being consciously aware of how our lives are different because our individual identities are rooted in the relationship with Jesus. Being a church is about recovering our stories and sharing our stories and experiences of God’s grace and love.

Questions to ponder:

  • What is different in your life because you are a Christian?

  • What are the holy moments in your life? What are the times when God touched your soul? How have these holy moments changed the trajectory and direction of your life?


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