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An open letter from Mr. Tom B., Church Council Chair of Christ United Methodist Church to the members of CUMC

On Wednesday evening, July 16, 2014, members of Christ and First churches met to discuss how we could better serve the Methodist community of Chestertown. Our initial intention was to explore potential cooperative ventures that might strengthen the bond between our groups; as well as expand our ability to reach out and help people in all facets of their lives more effectively.

The discussion quickly shifted from suggestions of joint projects to a much more focused discussion on the NEED for our churches to immediately begin to consider the ultimate goal of uniting to form one consolidated congregation. I must stress to everyone that there was a firm and definite consensus that there should be no delay in establishing a combined group of members to provide suggestions and direction concerning this initiative. We all recognize this will take time and will not be without difficulty. However, there was not a single objection expressed to this proposal. I specifically asked on more than one occasion if anyone wished to voice a contrary opinion with none forthcoming.

Carol B. and I, as the present Administrative Board leaders of our respective congregations, have been directed to request the help of a few members of each congregation in organizing this huge step forward. We will meet soon.




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