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Why Do We Color Eggs at Easter

One of my former seminary professors and mentors, Rev. Dr. Susan Minasian, posted this information oh her facebook wall explaining why we color Easter Eggs.

The sound that cracking egg shell makes reminds us of  the triumphal echo of the cracking open of the stone which had been rolled in front of the tomb in a feeble attempt to seal the body of Jesus after the Crucifixion and to contain the power of God.

The cracked shell, reveals the white part of the boiled egg. When the women took oil and spices to the tomb on Sunday morning, they saw the white shroud which has been used to wrap the body of Jesus.

When we remove the egg-whites, we discover the golden yolk. The yolk is the symbol of Life and Resurrection. Jesus has risen from the dead and the golden yolk of the hard boiled egg reminds us of this and gives us the Hope of eternal Life.

So next time you crack a hard boiled egg remember that, Christ has risen!

Happy Easter!


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