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Maundy Thursday, 2014


Ecumenical Maundy Thursday Service will be held at 7 pm at Christ United Methodist Church today (Thursday April 17, 2014). We will remember Jesus’ last meal and actions during that meal.  We will then share in Holy Communion and reflect on Jesus’ final hours before crucifixion.

Maundy Thursday is always observed during Holy Week on the Thursday before Easter. To put it in other words, there is no Maundy Wednesday, or Maundy Friday.

Maundy Thursday commemorates the Paschal Seder meal that Jesus shared with his disciples before he was arrested and crucified. That meal became known as the Last Supper in the Christian tradition and liturgy. Traditionally Maundy Thursday services are more solemn occasions, marked by the shadow of Jesus’ betrayal.

Maundy Thursday derives its name from the Latin word “mandatum.” “Mandatum” is the first word of John 13:34 “Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos” – “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” That is the phrase that Jesus used to explain to his Disciples the significance of his action of washing their feet.

Two important historical events are the primary focus of Maundy Thursday worship service:

  1. Before the Passover meal, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. By performing this lowly act of service, Jesus “showed them the full extent of his love” (John 13:1). By doing this Jesus mandated to us to love one another through humble service and to serve God by serving the world in which we live.

  2. During the Passover meal, Jesus took bread and wine and blessed it. He broke the bread into pieces, giving it to his disciples and said, “This is my body, given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” Then he took the cup of wine, shared it with his disciples and said, “This wine is the token of God’s new covenant to save you–an agreement sealed with the blood I will pour out for you” (Luke 22:19-20). By doing this, Jesus established the Sacrament of the Holy Communion.

Christ United Methodist Church is located at 401 High Street, Chestertown, MD. Hope to see you at the worship service.


Looking ahead to Holy Week Worship Services and Celebrations

  • Stations of the Cross/Cross Walk: Friday April 18, 12 noon.

    Held at the Garden Chapel of First United Methodist Church.

  • Good Friday Service: Friday April 18, 7pm, Service of the Seven Last Words.

    This service will be held at Potter’s House Ministries with several speakers (Pastor Asher and Pastor Tonya are among the speakers).

  • Youth Group Pilgrimage to the Franciscan Monastery on Saturday, April 19.

    We will leave from the church at 9:30 am. We are scheduled to tour the Monastery, the Church and the Catacombs at 1 PM. After visiting the Monastery we will stop at Olive Garden for dinner (everyone is responsible for paying for their own meals and for getting there). Some of our members expressed a desire to rent a mini-bus and drive together. If you are interested in that, let me know as soon as possible and I will put you in touch with the person who did the research.

  • Easter Sunrise Service: Sunday April 20, 7am, at Wilmer Park with Pastor Tonya McClain speaking. Everyone is invited to come for breakfast at Christ United Methodist Church immediately following the service. Bring a dish to share.

  • Breakfast after the Sunrise Service at Christ United Methodist Church. Everybody is invited to bring a dish to share.

  • Easter Worship at 10 AM will be an awesome Easter Celebration.  We will see a skit performed by seventeen (17) members of Christ United Methodist Church.


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