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Thoughts from a friend… Notes from the Lenten Journey…

A son of a friend, posted this on his facebook wall yesterday. His name is Jimmy, he is 20 years old. His post is so well thought out articulated that I want to share it on my blog.

Well done, Jimmy!

I’m not a religious guy really, but to all those who say, “If there was a God, he wouldn’t allow all the suffering that goes on in the world.” please educate yourselves on religion before you criticize it.  If there’s a God, our lives are not a video game to him.  It’s the idea of “free will.”  If we suffer, it’s because of the choices of humanity, not God. 

And keep in mind that with the presence of a God comes the presence of an opposite force, a.k.a. Satan.  You think that would just have no bearing on the world?  Only God would?  Ever hear of original sin?  Yeah, according to many religions, we all suffer from it.  This comes with imperfections in humanity and society.  And before you try to pull the “illness” card on me, that is another thing that comes with an imperfect world which is affected by curse just as much as it is affected by blessings.

Keep in mind this is coming from the mindset of a non-religious person — not because of beliefs or spirituality or what have you, but because of an education in the beliefs, ideals, and teachings of religion.  The truly narrow minded are those who are stubborn and fail to see from different perspectives.  I mean, most religious people can admit they understand the doubt of an atheist, but that it’s their faith that keeps them believing.  But how many atheists can look at a religious person’s life and say, “I can understand and accept someone who has something to believe in,” no matter how much they are against it. 

How about we try to meet in the middle of religion and the anti-religious at a point I like to call, simply, “respect.”


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