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Happy Thanksgiving to All My Friends and Neighbors!

I understand Thanksgiving to be a day for USAmericans to spend with family and friends, to give thanks for our lives, to contemplate our blessings and to hope and dream about the future. It bothers me that it is fast becoming a day to get an early start on Christmas shopping. This morning my e-mail was jammed with retailers wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving, offering me coupons and unbelievable deals on everything from cooking utensils, office supplies, children’s toys and exotic vacations.

Until recently, stores would open early on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Then, in more recent years, the doors opened at midnight Thanksgiving evening. This year many stores are open all day on Thanksgiving.

As a pastor I hear many complaints and grumblings about the disintegration of the fabric of our society. (I realize that the previous sentence even sounds boring, but that is what people complain about when they complain about failing education, lack of respect for the elders in our society, big box stores, and the list goes on and on.)

Consciously or not, well-meaning thoughtful citizens of this country take a key part in the disintegration of the fabric of our society when we cannot wait till 9 a.m. on Friday to hit the stores in search of doo-dads, most of which will collect dust in a closet for years before finally being sold at some yard sale 20 years from now.

Thanksgiving isn’t about eating. Thanksgiving isn’t about shopping. It isn’t even, really, about spending time with family and friends, important as those are. Thanksgiving is about thinking, about contemplation, about hoping, and about dreaming. Thanksgiving is about considering the debt that we owe to God and to the others who laid the foundation of the blessings that we enjoy; it is about reflecting, repenting and seeking to extend those blessings to our neighbors.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and neighbors!


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