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Spring Semester Women’s Bible Study

Women studying the Old Testament tabernacle, have stated a desire to study women of the Bible. John MacArthur, Grace to You Ministries,(http://www.gty.org/), wrote “Twelve Extraordinary Women of the Bible.” 

Here’s a book review: http://www.challies.com/book-reviews/book-review-twelve-extraordinary-women.  “By way of introduction, MacArthur writes about the high position given to women within Scripture.  Women are never relegated to a secondary status and, unlike so many other religions, are never degraded and considered less important than men.  From the beginning of the New Testament era to the close of the canon of Scripture we see God granting extraordinary privilege to women.  There are countless women in the Bible who stand as examples of faithfulness, integrity, hospitality and very other admirable virtue.  “The faithfulness of these women is their true, lasting legacy.”” 

The twelve week study will focus on Eve, Sarah, Rahab, Ruth, Hannah, Mary, Anna, the Samaritan Woman, Martha and Mary, Mary Magdalene and Lydia.

Sign up sheet will be on the back table in the sanctuary.  Cast your vote for the meeting night on the sign up sheet.


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