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An Open Letter from Andy A. (Chair of SPPRC) to the Community of Christ UMC

Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Church Members and Friends,

We wish to share with you the fall church schedule that was finalized at the Church Council meeting held on Tuesday night, August 27, 2013 and to seek your help. The schedule as outlined below will start on Sunday, September 8, 2013.

  • Worship Service 10:00 AM

  • Adult Sunday School Class 8:45 AM

  • Children’s Church School Classes 10:00 AM

  • Youth Program: To be determined

Plans for worship service and adult church school class are in place. However help is needed for the children and youth programs.

We believe that teaching discipleship to our children and youth is a critical part of the mission of our church. At the present time we have a shortage of adult volunteers to assure a successful program for these areas. If you agree that programs for children and youth are a critical part of our church then we need to hear from you. Please give prayerful consideration to how you can contribute and call the church office, Pastor Asher, Tom B. (Chair of our Church Council), or Andy A. (Chair of SPPRC).




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