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How Camp Pe-Co-Meth became Camp Pecometh

Picture of the swimming area at Camp Pe-Co-Meth from approx. 50 years ago (Thank you Joyce for sharing this with me on Facebook)

There is a plaque on a rock near Fellowship Hall and Recreation Center on Camp Pecometh grounds and on that plaque name of the Camp is spelled “Pe-Co-Meth” not “Pecometh.”

This morning someone asked my why the name of the Camp is misspelled on that plaque.

Later on today I learned from Megan S. who is on staff at Camp Pecometh that when the Camp was founded, there was a contest to come up with the name. The winning suggestion was Pe-Co-Meth (Peninsula Conference Methodists).  Eventually Peninsula and Delaware conferences merged (there is no longer a Peninsula Conference) and the Camp became ecumenical (although it is a ministry of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference of the United Methodist Church everyone is welcomed). For these reasons the dashes were dropped and the Camp was renamed Pecometh.

Although many persons assume that Pecometh is a Native American name it is a derivative of what used to be an acronym or a composite name.


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