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A Reflection for Exercise Class on Monday Morning

Recently I saw a Golden Corral™ commercial that “changed” my life. Smile

I was told that I could “Help [Myself] to Happiness!” All I had to do was visit any one of their (Golden Corral’s) convenient locations for a moderately priced all-I-can-eat Wing Fest. And then the commercial described their “world-famous” chicken wings. I have to admit that my heart was strangely warmed at a thought of culinary delights that were waiting for me; I felt a glimmer of hope that happiness is not as elusive as most of us think after all. So my wife and I got in a car and drove 50+ miles to the nearest Golden Corral in search of happiness. In case you are wondering: that is perseverance and keeping eyes on the prize…  Winking smile That is a power of advertising for you…

Although “Help Yourself to Happiness” is a ridiculous slogan, all of us are searching for a way to “Help [Ourselves] to Happiness” in a myriad of different ways. That slogan points to a serious problem in our North American Popular Culture.

In the hindsight, the Wing Fest did not bring me the joy and bliss that I was seeking. The truth is that happiness does not come in the form of all you can eat buffets or overstuffed closets with eclectic wardrobe that assures that you can wear a fresh outfit every day for a month before needing to do laundry.

Humans have been pondering the meaning of happiness for thousands of years. If I were to ask several people to define happiness or what it feels like, I will hear as many different answers. Some of us think that happiness comes from material wealth; some others think that happiness lies in being on top of a pyramid of some sort (Tony awards, Noble Prize, winning a lottery), and some of us think that happiness lies in simplicity and minimalism. That is why there are so many commercials that use this ambiguity and attempt to persuade you and me that the “HAPPINESS” can be found in their product or service or system of beliefs.

Truth is that there is nothing wrong with physical pleasure, as long as it is in moderation and not (EMPHASIS ON “NOT”) the sole focus of our daily lives. That is why I am honored to address this group today because all of you made a decision to honor God and to seek your version of happiness not as a quick fix but by modifying your life style and embracing a discipline of weekly and daily exercise.

God Bless you and may you find better health and better stamina so that you could be better disciples of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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