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Thinking About the Next Message in a Series About Making Disciples

On February 5, the second season of SMASH returns to NBC. There is a lot of theology in that show (at least there was in the first season).

Week or so ago, NBC aired a preview of the second season and one scene caught my imagination. I could not get it out of my mind ever since I saw it.

Derrick Wills (the Director of the show) and Karen Cartwright (the Star of the show) come to visit another actress Veronica (Roni) Moore.

Derrick addressing Roni and referring to Karen:

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who is about to get exactly where you are

Roni’s response (directed to Karen):

It’s easy… Protect the work… the moment you lose focus is the moment the work suffers… Someone is waiting to take you down. If the work is good, they’ll not be able to…

As Christians we must stay focused on our mission (protect the work): to make disciples for Jesus Christ (Matt 28:19) for the transformation of the world.   When we focus on other things (like paying bills, maintaining church building and trying to please everybody) that is when our churches start declining (the moment you lose focus is the moment the work suffers).

I know that I am regurgitating cliché’s but the reality is that our church communities suffer and our pews are empty because we lost heart and passion for making disciples for Jesus Christ.


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