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Happy New Year! An Open Letter to the church family of Christ United Methodist Church of Chestertown, MD

MidnightThanksgiving, twenty five days of Advent, and Christmas Day have come and gone and 2013 is about to arrive. Breaking out a new calendar is also a good time for a fresh beginning in our community’s service and ministry as renewed and reenergized followers of Jesus. As the New Year unravels, I will preach about the practical ways that we can reach out to our unchurched neighbors, invite them to join us in worship and hopefully help them to become followers and disciples of Jesus focused on the transformation of the world.

Although I do not make resolutions at the beginning of the year, I think that there are some ways that our community can make a fresh start as 2013 becomes a reality.

  • Make a commitment to attend worship regularly. Worship in the context of a community is like a meal that God offers each of us every week. When we don’t get enough food, we get physically ill from malnourishment and we die. When we don’t gather together for worship and fellowship we become spiritually weak, emotionally sick and lonely, and we feel separated from God. I want to encourage all members of our community to make the effort and take the time necessary to be with God and your church family in our beautiful sanctuary every week.

  • Get involved in a mid-week Bible Study. We have a mid-week Bible Study that currently gathers at the parsonage for weekly meetings. All “scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character…” (2 Timothy 3:16). Every one of us has faced their share of problems and frustrations; that is a reality in everyone’s life. How we handle these obstacles reveals our character; we receive inspiration for how to handle obstacles through prayer (communication with God) and by learning how to apply the teachings of the Bible to our own lives.

  • Be hospitable and charitable. Invite your neighbors who are not yet involved. Have each other into your homes. Gather in small groups for pot-luck dinners. Invite friends to Christ United Methodist Church on Sunday mornings and for special events. Look for ways to be involved with your gifts in the different ministries and outreach of our church.

Happy New Year! May God Bless our church community and may our community be a blessing to our neighbors and a beacon of love and light in the world in which we live!



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