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Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Political Hype. Do Vote! by Ms. Linda Weimer of the Kent County League of Women Voters

For many church-goers, modern politics is confusing and disgusting.  Even politicians in key posts are name-calling their opponents instead of discussing issues in a straight way.

So, many of us citizens are tempted to forget our duty in a democracy – to vote. This would be a grave mistake.

As Ben Franklin said after the U.S. Constitution was adopted, “We have given you a democracy if you can keep it.”

Here are a few bits of advice for those who feel overwhelmed by the “trash talk.”

  • If you hear a political claim that alarms or puzzles you, use the Website factcheck.org, and you will likely find the truth or non-truth of it. The site is non-partisan and holds ALL candidates to high standards.

  • Use the Voter’s Guide, published by the League of Women Voters, to read the views of all candidates in one place.   It will be available weeks before the November election at www.kent.lwvmd.org and will be distributed in the Kent County News and public libraries. Further, there are seven ballot questions that Maryland voters will decide this year. 

  • If you belong to a group, even a small group, invite the Kent League’s Dianne Turpin to present her program “Un-Spun.”  This program helps you to recognize trash talk and fear-mongering in the flood of campaign advertising.

When you have done your best prep in your available time, go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6, and let your vote support democracy.

If you (the reader) want to reach Ms. Weimer, please contact the church office for her e-mail and/or telephone number.


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