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Call to Prayer for Those Who Serve our Country


Recently our members, visitors and neighbors noticed a display of yellow ribbons standing in front of Christ United Methodist Church in Chestertown, Maryland. As I am writing this on September 6, 2012, our country’s military is involved in several international military operations. Our sons, daughters, friends and neighbors continually find themselves in the thick of action and in harm’s way. These yellow ribbons are a tangible reminder to all of us to keep them in our daily thoughts and prayers.


If you have a family member or a friend, or you know someone who is serving (or served) our country and would like to pray for them, please let us know their names and we will lift them up in prayer. If you would like to add a yellow ribbon to our display feel free to do so or you may also contact our church and we will gladly add a ribbon to honor your loved one.


On September 11, I will open our sanctuary for an hour of prayer and meditation between 10 and 11 am to commemorate the tragic events of 9/11/2001 and to reflect on the chain of events that unfolded as a result.

May God bless God’s Creation with lasting peace;
May God Bless Our Country, and
May God bless and protect members of our armed forces.





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