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An e-note for the Family of Christ United Methodist Church

I just want to say how heartwarming it was to see our Christ United Methodist Church family rally around Kelly, Rick, Maddy, Abby and Luke, and come together to organize the memorial luncheon in Pat Wilson’s honor.  I thank everyone who:

  1. came to the memorial service to honor the life and memory of our sister in Christ, our neighbor and our friend, Pat, and who offered words of comfort to her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

  2. cleaned the church and set up fellowship hall for the luncheon

  3. helped the family to work with the caterer

  4. arranged flowers

  5. prepared food and made desserts

  6. stayed to clean up after the luncheon

  7. disassembled tables and chairs in the fellowship hall

  8. and anything else that I may have missed

Thanks also to our youth group for their willingness to reschedule/rearrange the beach trip scheduled for today.  I am still looking forward to being dunked later today! 

The “HS,” as Pat would say, is among us and is guiding us. PTL!

It is truly an honor to serve as your pastor.



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