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Reflections From Camp Pecometh

clip_image002When Daryl C. approached me last fall and suggested that I volunteer as a Spiritual Life Coordinator at Camp Pecometh, I was not thrilled at the prospect of spending a whole week away from the office, from all of you and from my family. I prayed about it, I even talk to Rev. Jack Shitama and Rev. Megan Shitama, hoping that they would tell me that they had plenty of volunteers and did not need my help. It did not work; and, in hindsight, I am so grateful that it did not.

This summer I spent two weeks at Camp Pecometh teaching kids the parables of Jesus and also working with camp counselors and staff, helping them to deal with issues in their own lives.

I want to thank all of you, my extended family of Christ United Methodist Church, and especially the SPPRC under the leadership of Andy A., for encouraging me to take a part in the wonderful ministry of Camp Pecometh. In the two weeks that I spent there, I taught eleven different groups of kids, and counseled quite a few camp counselors.

It was a blessing to see and witness all their energy and dedication. clip_image002[5]

I found camp counselors to be a dedicated group of young men and women with a clear understanding of their mission and the call of God on their lives. They want to be at camp helping kids, and they put up with heat, long hours, bugs and uncomfortable bed bunks because they like what they do, they want to be there, knowing that they make a difference.

I mentioned earlier that I taught eleven different groups of kids (ages ranging from 9 to 16). I found them to be curious, open minded, eager to learn and actively searching for God in their lives. During the Galilean service on Thursday, July 26, many of them shared their testimonies and stories of how they saw God’s presence in their lives and around them during their Camp Pecometh stay.

Camp Pecometh is a wonderful ministry in close proximity to our community. My hope and prayer is that Christ United Methodist Church will find a way to work with Camp Pecometh and continue to support their mission and ministry in the future.

Thanks for your encouragement.


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