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Reading Adam Hamilton’s “Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White”

“…God’s call is not simply to tell others the good news, or even only that we have a “personal relationship” with him (as life-giving as it is). [God] also wanted us to do justice, to be concerned for the poor, and, to provide help to those in need”

= = = =

“I [Adam Hamilton] see both liberal and conservative as two parts of a whole. If liberal is defined as “favoring reform,” that … captures my heart as a Protestant, because it recalls on of the inportant Reformation slogans, ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda: “the church reformed, always reforming.” If liberal is a synonym for “broad-minded” or “open-minded” then yes, I wish to be a liberal!

Yet if “conservative”means holding onto what is good from the past, and being cautious in embracing change simply for the sake of change, then mark me conservative! If being conservative within the Christian community means retaining the historic doctrines of the Christian faith as articulated in the creeds, then I am a conservative. ….

On the other hand, if liberal means holding to the absolute right of individuals to do whatever they choose, or if conservative means simply seeking to maintain the status quo, I could not be defined as either liberal or conservative” (Pages 5-6).

= = = =

Conservative and liberal … are both terms that might apply to most of us. And, in the best sense of these words, most of us likely recognize the value of conserving some things, and being cautious in simply accepting change for change’s sake. And we would also recognize the value of being broad-minded, generous,  and willing to embrace reform  or change when such change is deemed necessary. Many of us are liberal on some issues and conservative on others” (Page 7).

Works Cited:

Hamilton, Adam. Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White. Nashville, TN: Abingdon, 2008 .


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