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Delving Into The Word: An enote from | Pastor Asher

“The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God” (Mark 1:1 NIV1984).

“The good news of Jesus Christ—the Message!—begins here…” (Mark 1:1 The Message)

This is the first and title sentence in the Scroll of Mark: the only book in the body of work that is commonly referred to as the New Testament, which calls itself a Gospel (Greek word evangelion). The Greek word “evangelion” most often is translated as “The Good News”; an evangelist is someone who dedicates his or her life to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to those to whom the love of God is a strange or unattainable concept because they are either not aware or not willing to accept God’s grace and presence in their lives. Book of Mark was written to awaken, to challenge and to nurture faith of its readers (Williamson, 17).

Scholar Lamar Williamson, Jr. pointed out that the Gospel of Mark is a collection of traditions about Jesus presented in the story form, a narrative constituting good news about God and God’s Kingdom, and a piece of writing which occupies a place of fundamental importance in the Scriptures of the Church (Williamson, 1).

Works Cited:

Williamson Jr., Lamar. Mark: Interpretation. A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching. Atlanta, Georgia: John Knox Press, 1983.


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