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Nicodemus’ Biography as explained in Life Application Study Bible

God specializes in finding and changing people we consider out of reach. It took a while for Nicodemus to come out of the dark, but God was patient with this “undercover” believer.

Afraid of being discovered, Nicodemus made an appointment to see Jesus at night. Daylight conversations between Pharisees and Jesus tended to be antagonistic, but Nicodemus really wanted to learn. He probably got a lot more that he expected – a challenge to a new life. Although we know very little about Nicodemus, we know that he left that evening’s encounter with Jesus a changed man. He came away with a whole new understanding of both God and himself.

Nicodemus next appears as part of the Jewish council. As the group discussed ways to eliminate Jesus, Nicodemus raised questions of justice. Although his objection was overruled, he had spoken up. He had began to change.

Our last picture of Nicodemus shows him joining Joseph of Arimathea in asking for Jesus’ body in order to provide for his burial. Realizing what he was risking, Nicodemus was making a bold move. He was continuing to grow.

God looks for steady growth, not instant perfection.

Nicodemus’ story is told in John 3:1-21, 7:50-52, 19:39-40


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