Zis-N-Zat From Pastor Asher

God is my conscience, Jesus lives in my heart… this blog is about what I see, what I think, what I do and how I serve God

Thinking Towards Sunday

“… techniques designed to change the natural forces of life generally are ineffective and often burn out the ‘technician.’ … It goes without saying that when continued efforts by CEOs, managers, and administrators are producing little or not progress, they are probably swimming against a tide. … [Ideally] leaders function as the immune system of the institutions they lead  –  not because they ward off enemies, but because they supply the ingridients for the system’s integrity.”  (Friedman, 230-231).

Works Cited

Friedman, Edwin. A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix. New York, NY: Church Publishing, Inc, 2007.

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