Zis-N-Zat From Pastor Asher

God is my conscience, Jesus lives in my heart… this blog is about what I see, what I think, what I do and how I serve God

Reading Edwin H. Friedman’s “A Failure of Nerve: Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix”

“The child who is part of a marital triangle will tend to go to extremes – be it super achievement or dysfunction (emotionally or physically). When it is the latter, efforts to help the child improve (tutors, Outward Bound programs, therapists, private school) will generally be limited in their success. And if the symptom that develops in the child is physical (allergies, headaches, recurrent fevers and cold, or more pernicious diseases), then the triangle will contribute to perpetuating its chronic state. Whether emotional or physical, the child’s symptoms will only abate if the marital triangle itself is changed when the parents pay attention to unresolved issues in their own relationship. This always requires that one parent become the leader against the resistance of the other.”


— P. 210


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